How You Too Could Travel The World For Twelve Months For Less Than It Costs To Live At Home

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This report reveals the exact techniques and tips I used that saved me thousands of dollars. They can apply to you as well.…

  • An round the world airfare for less than $500. Use this technique and just the savings on this alone could be worth to you over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. 
  • How to travel for 12 months less than it costs to live at home. I did it and I never felt I missed out.
  • Of course, I can't guarantee you can achieve the same level of savings, but there are many travelers who are doing exactly what I did, making huge savings.
  • Learn how you really can travel solo and never feel lonely. Sure, I was travelling alone. But using these tips, I never felt lonely. In fact using these techniques, my social calendar in Spain was far more busier than it was before I left home. I definitely can't say the same will apply to you. But I'm sure it will help you. These tips are used by thousands of other travelers.
  • Plus special emergency tips. Most places only take cash. Discover how to make your own "ATM machine" if you unexpectedly run out of cash and you suddenly find there's no ATM machine. 
  • Or what to do if you lose your wallet. Unfortunately, it does happen. Plan on it. Despite my disciplined approach, it still happened to me. No credit cards, No cash. Penniless! Quite a sinking experience in a foreign country. This report shows how you can be prepared.
  • Travel Insurance. I was staggered to learn that a popular travel insurance cover I had been using for years was about as useless as **** on a bull. I'll explain what my research revealed and the cover I chose. 
  • How I did not have to pay any more for travel insurance than the health cover I was already paying at home.
  • You really do NOT need a suitcase. Yes I know! I was the same. But finding a place to store my suitcase became a headache. Don’t make the same mistake. You'll love the liberating feeling of just a backpack. I'll explain what I packed. And ladies, I'll try and find some advice from a females perspective.
  • And of course, the cake I mention in the book. It's been in the family for generations. It's time to share the recipe! Its an old favorite. But just don't tell mother.
  • Avoid the Voluntourism scams that can cost you thousands. There's smarter ways to contribute.
  • Plus more tips to save you the hassle of learning the hard way.

The value of this report saved me over $5,000 and can equally apply to you. The report is provided complimentary with each My Booking Manager book. Or separately for just $47.

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