Queensland, The Home of the Biggest

“It’s the busiest I’ve ever seen it”, a caravan park owner just north of Cairns was telling me. “If you thought this is busy, you should have been here last year”, was the comment from a park ranger in Cape York, as I noted the constant flow of vehicles heading up and down the track. “It was absolute mayham here”, he went on.

Perhaps it’s because Queensland is more than just being the sunshine state, it’s the home of the biggest that draws visitors here. That’s what we discover in the video below.

And if our guestimate is right, we reckon Victorian travellers have far outstripped other states visiting the sunny state. It’s not surprising they’ve been wanting to escape far and wide, after their world record breaking length of covid lockdowns over the last couple years.

Not that the ‘rona has gone away, despite all our desires to put it behind us and move on. Self isolating in a camper hasn’t been too much of an imposition we have found!! At least there’s generally a good bush camp spot available to maintain the required isolation.

But covid or not, if you rely on a caravan park to accommodate your rig, the days of booking in as you go are non existent. At least for the popular coastal spots. That’s why most councils will allocate an overflow street or such as their showgrounds for vans to park overnight. And even most of these are near capacity.

But if it’s thought to be tough for a traveller, spare a thought for a section of the community in Cairns who can’t find rental accommodation. According to a recent news report, they are having to rely on tents being flown in to accommodate them.

Meanwhile, it’s off to find the next bush camp….

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