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“That’ll cost you a dollar for each of those photos”, shouted a voice from across the road.

The 900 mile drive up the west coast of North America, with its many narrow mountainous roads, offers all the experiences from rain forests, rugged cliffs standing up against a pounding ocean, the old traditional to new age quaint villages.

We were about to set off for the day from our overnight stay in Florence, Oregon. It’s one of those delightful little waterside villages. The ones where you can’t help but be drawn to with it’s quaint ambiance, the little cosy restaurants and arty shops.

Unfortunately you couldn’t help feel how the grey sky and chill in the air kept it’s full attractiveness concealed. As the sun works its magic in nature, you could imagine its real attractiveness blossoming with the warmer weather. How it would be bustling with people ambling between shops, lazying afternoons away dining under alfresco umbrellas dotted along sidewalk cafes or enjoying a drink on the waterside decks.

“Hi I’m Frank the local barber”, my new friendly acquaintance announced after jovially demanding payment for each photo as I set about capturing our experience here.

But what was fascinating as our conversation revealed, was the layer below this picturesque setting, in some ways darker than the clouds above. A layer of a community of people, that like many others, struggle with its challenges.

As Frank went on to explain, his role was more than what he did with his scissors. It was more how he dedicated his time to supporting his local indigenous community and veterans with social issues such as depression and suicide.

That’s a fascinating part of life. On the surface we see quaint little villages. But below this thin veneer there is every form of life challenges.

And it’s people like Frank who form part of the fabric that binds a community to be more than just an attractive stopover for passing travellers like us.


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Meet Frank the Barber from Florence, Oregon. An American with an indigenous heritage, I discovered from our brief meeting that Frank does more than just cut hair….

Traveling north along the west coast of USA in Oregon, you find more than the traditional pharmacy dispensaries. Stories are emerging of curing cancers from a substance that in many countries is illegal…
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  • Hi Chris
    How surprising on the road again with a well documented update for all your travel fans.
    I did notice however as your Agent you have yet to sign your contract extension !!!!!

    Enjoy the trip and stay safe
    Love Ang and Les

    • Sorry Agent Les. Is it ok if I fix up the paperwork at your Windsor office as soon as I get back?

  • Gap years first became common in the 19 where the young, baby-boom generation wanted to get away from the severity of war from their parents generation

  • Hey Chris,
    Great to see you are off on another adventure and happy to know that you have a travelling companion this time.
    Have fun.
    Cheers Andy

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