Welcome to Tassie: A Wilderness Escape

The car was as good as self-driving us down the Hume Highway. Adjusting our speed to the vehicles around us while auto steering our way along the highway. Not quite self-driving but close to it. And it’s just a ute. A basic farm ute we happen to mount our camper on.

Fast forward a few days after crossing Bass Straight on the ten hour ferry trip, we are in Tasmania. The west coast wilderness. But, would you believe it, not a sign of bitumen in sight. And that’s not all. Not a white lane to be seen anywhere. Our car’s auto pilot system was rendered completely useless.

We had found ourselves well and truly in the wild. Perish or drive. Our survival was now totally dependent on us. Calling on our every survival instinct, ability and skill to manually steer, accelerate, brake the vehicle totally all on our own.

Ha… it’s all relative. It really is a stretch to call it the wilderness when it’s now so accessible. But it’s also a great opportunity that so much of what was very much out of reach can now be widely enjoyed.

Whether in a four or two wheel drive vehicle, the recently upgraded West Coast Explorer, while shock horror, a gravel road, opens up a magnificent part of Tasmania’s otherwise less travelled west coast. A scenic route that takes you from barren landscape, through delightful rain forests, remarkable scenery and alongside fresh flowing rivers. And that’s not to mention some of the delightful quaint, almost period style homes and stores in the nearby small villages.

Tassie, you really do make a roadie a special treat…..

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4 comments On Welcome to Tassie: A Wilderness Escape

  • Wow Chris! You’re really seeing the country & enjoying your gap year Your travel blog is so good that transports reader into less travelled places. Thanks for sharing. Never been to Tassie & friends have been talking mostly the east coast. They raved about Wine Glass Bay & Bruny Island!

    Looking forward to reading more. Cheers

    • Thanks for your message and kind feedback Christine….. Yes you definitely need to add Tassie to your list.

  • Thanks Chris! Love knowing that you’re still on the move. Hoping to visit Australia and spend time in Tassie one day soon. I have a good friend in Bendigo who keeps twisting my arm! Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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