I never Knew If It Was The Right Decision. But I’m Glad We did.

I’ve relived it all. Teething. The terrible Twos. Meltdowns. Witching hours. Sad faces. Cross faces. Happy faces. Smiley, laughing, cute, joyful, adorable, embracing and beautiful loving faces.

You forget the patience required living in the land of little people. The wheeling and dealing that starts with the first pitter patter of feet down the passage before the sun’s even had a chance to rise. From stars earnt to stay in bed all night, to kamikaze dive bombing the morning cereal into a briefly cooperating mouth, to the last hastily concocted deals negotiating the final bedtime ritual.

Having forgotten from all those years ago, you can’t help but admire the relentless patience this demands. But unquestionably these are some of the best years of life, sharing the joys of our little people as they learn and grow. I was delighted to share a part of this with my children’s families over the last several weeks.

Prior to all this we were living the family dream. Though for a brief chapter in our lives. After travelling the country and the world, now our kids were establishing their families. And it just so happened we were all living within a short drive from each other. We’d regularly catch up for meals or a picnic, we were there as each grandchild was born, we could celebrate birthdays together and babysit the grandkids as the family nest grew. But life took a sudden turn. And besides, it was never going to last anyway.

We did the same thing when our kids were little. We had the opportunity to experience different locations and cultures including around the world, as a family. However, I would always quietly question whether the relatively frequent disruption of moving was the right thing for the family. Would it be better to provide stability along with the benefit of the kids having consistent friends by staying in one place?

But in retrospect, I’m so glad we had all those opportunities. And I’m also so pleased for my children they are taking the same opportunities. Even if I now have to drive six thousand kilometres! To share time with each of you, your spouses and family members, to meet your new friends, to experience being a part of your new community and for going out of your way to visit and experience some of the highlights of this great part of the world. Thank you. Its been a privilege.

And what nicer way to finish off the final leg of the family trip than a few days with siss and her lovely family on the sunshine coast in Queensland.

(Ps… If you too would like to experience a taste of God’s country as Siss so boldly claims, check out their delightfully presented new Airbnb beach house.)

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  • Thanks bro, we are honoured to have been a part of your transition to the next exciting Chapter. You’ve described the early childhood years perfectly and great to remember to appreciate them even when I run out of negotiating patience!

  • Greetings from “The Most Livable City” (sans a harbour!) Yes, we remember our coincidental rendez-vous at Mindil Beach Market – lots of laughs and memories of a daughter with a winning smile and her cute dancing daughter.

    Best of luck for your gap year (senior) .

    Gail and Pat

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