Food, Wine and all things Spanish

Have I told you Valencia is such a vibrant culture! With all its cafes and bars on just about every corner.

But what’s behind all the food and wine culture here in Valencia. I’d like you to meet a very special local chef. Born and raised in Spain. Has traveled the world. Worked in some of the top restaurants in Paris. And has even been a private chef to a royal family. He knows something about food.

So since I knew you would be joining me, I dusted off the jacket and headed down the road for a chat. Meet Carlos Alonso…..

Many thanks to Carlos Alonso from Trip Advisor’s high ranking Atelier Gastronomico (+34 96320 2281. Carrer de Ciscar, 52, 46005 València, Spain). And thanks to Serge and Alla for the video. Check out their stunning photography work at Buenas Photos, +34 664 114 752.


Oh, and one other thing. I’ll be away for a few days. As it is I’m overstaying my visa. So the last thing I need is to be deported to somewhere like a Manus Island illegal immigration detention centre.

Now you may remember I spoke to PM Mal about Oz joining the EU. Well, T-Y-P-I-C-A-L. Haven’t heard a thing. Great. Now me grande problema! So I’ve decided I need to escape the place for a few days. I’ll drop you a note and let you where I end up.

Look forward to seeing you when I get back…..

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