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 Travel Chat Series – Jacque & Mark Hagan

Jacque & Mark Hagan have been traveling the world since the 70’s. They kindly share their travel experiences and advice as part of our Travel Chats series.

Travel, It really gets in your blood…

Jacque & Mark’s travels started back in 1974. Just out of university when the expectation was to put a down payment on a house, they instead did what was known as the Hippie Trail. An over land trip from Australia to Europe. It was at the same time as the authors were creating The Lonely Planet guide,

This is why Jacque and Mark love independent travel: “…It really gets into your blood. You just can’t even begin to imagine ever going on a guided tour or on a cruise because of the absolute excitement you get when you get off the plane and you think wow, we’re here and we’ve got to find the bus from the airport to wherever we’re going. Then we just got to figure out what each day is going to be…”

Highlights From A Chat With Jacque & Mark …

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