Australia’s Greatest Adventure Drive: From The Dust & Flies to a Magical Oasis

The Savannah Way, one of the world’s great adventure drives takes you 3,700 kms across the very top of Australia. From Broome in Western Australia, through the Northern Territory, across to Cairns in northern Queensland, the trip includes five world heritage areas.

This iconic journey though not well known by its name, forms part of Highway One that circumnavigates Australia by road. In fact we didn’t realise we had already done half the Savannah Way when we travelled the infamous Gibb River Road last year on our trip between Broome and Katherine.

Our adventure along the Savannah Way now continues from Katherine in the top end centre of Australia to Cairns on the east coast.

Join us on our journey with pictures and video starting with some whip cracking entertainment at Mataranka Homestead. Mararanka is of course famous for its hot springs, offering a popular and very relaxing dip at the Homestead hot springs pool. Or the very popular alternative floating down stream in the delightfully warm spring water at nearby Bitter Springs.

Lorella Springs Station, though a much more expensive option, opens up their million acres for the four wheel driving adventurer to enjoy bush camping, swimming in delightful gorges and natural pools, bathing in hot springs as well as fishing in the coastal regions.

If ever there was the perfect example of an oasis, the Lawn National Park offers one of the best. The park reveals an amazing welcoming fresh water sanctuary. It’s like a huge reward that awaits you after some gruelling road conditions, along with the hot dusty plains and of course the flies. But it’s that contrast which makes the great Aussie outback so fascinating and unique!

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  • Hey Chris, glad to have met you at the croydon poddy dodgers. We had the family of 6 (and the dog) and were giving the kids (and ourselves) an experience we couldn’t get anywhere else. Our “trying to pay our way a little donut van” most certainly could improved on with either coffee…. or hard spirits to compliment them. Best of luck. Ben

    • Yes great to meet you Ben and your enterprising and adventurous family. Loved your Donuts.

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