The Tip of The Cape Doesn’t Disappoint

Dear Mr Bicycle Rider,
We were hoping to cross paths before we left to say we appreciated your advice to head up to the Cape. We’re glad we did it.

The road up to the very tip of Australia was quite a highlight….the lush green canopy forest cover over the red dirt track. To then be welcomed by this magnificent turquoise coloured bay against a backdrop of islands in the near distance. Lining up to set foot on the very top of the country was a must do.

As well the many great camping spots we discovered off the main track. One thing about camping up here is the plentiful supply of wood for the camp fire. Whether that was camping on the beach or next to a creek.

Such a contrast the Cape offers though. From driving along almost featureless barren land, to then be surrounded by forests or dense tree lined rivers. Of course we had to take some alternative routes to avoid the extreme four wheel driving challenged sections.

It’s the reason the majority travel in groups, fully equipped with winches and recovery gear to get through some of those extreme spots. Tent equipped single vehicles or camper trailers were the most popular equipment. I would say caravans numbered about only one in ten. I can see why. Road conditions can be quite challenging, steep or narrow. The best idea we came across was hiring short wheelbase 4wd Landrovers in Cairns. “4×4 Unlimited” says it all. Or the groups of dirt bike riders who prefer the Cape on two wheels, hired from Cairns as well.

We certainly didn’t feel we missed out on the overall experience. We’re now heading through the Daintree National Park forest region making our way back along the coast towards Cairns . Stunningly beautiful.

We hope your bicycle riding experience is proving rewarding. We must admit, we didn’t see anyone else cycling the Cape, so I reckon it’s a very brave challenge you’ve taken on.


again Mr Bicycle Rider for your recommendation and best wishes for the rest of your adventure.

Regards, Chris and Bron

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