Picture Postcard Tassie

I had just sent my 89 year old mother a photo of the camp-site we had discovered for the night, here on the north east Tasmania coast.

It was one of those really special spots. The surrounding sand dune and forest wall offered a welcoming shelter from any threatening wind. But it was the outlook across the white sandy beach, literally a stones throw distance away, that made it unique. Secluded enough to literally feel you have the beach to yourself.

That was one of a few photos that were spontaneously and randomly sent out. But it was the response from mother that got me thinking.

If this was a caravan park where we would feel almost like a number packed in one after another, would that have inspired the same excitement to share this moment?

Was it the platter of fruits and nuts accompanied by a glass of red we enjoyed with the sunset views out across the beach. Or the effortless feeling of preparing our dinner of tempura battered fresh fish with crispy sweet potato fries, barefoot on the sand, while feeling gently immersed in the fresh sea air.

Or perhaps with night time approaching, the thought of being lulled to sleep by the sound of the crashing waves, just metres away?

Was it this that made mother respond that our photos were just trying to make her feel jealous!!

But then again, we’ve camped over night in a very remote and barren gravel pit where the absolute pitch darkness of night had our imaginations working overtime convincing us spaceships were sure to threaten us in the long hours ahead of us.

That unique spot… before the spaceships arrived, with us parked in the middle of this vast barren like crater, along with a flickering camp fire, also triggered sharing a few happy snaps.

But how much emptier our lives would be if we couldn’t share such unique moments in our lives with those close to us.

Even when I was on my backpacking adventure around the world, people would ask “weren’t you lonely”. “Alone but not lonely”, I would say. Even simple messages like “where are you now Dad”, had a special impact.

Travel is so great for the soul. But what makes it special is sharing it with others, both with whom we have the privilege to travel with, those we meet along the way, and as importantly those close to us. It doesn’t have to be just travel. Experiencing a beautiful sunset from your home, or witnessing the first shoot of your favourite plant, there is magic in nature that makes it even more special shared with friends and family

One of the special people we met along the way this week in our travels, are an example of the true value of friendship. Three inspiring ladies on a hiking holiday we had the pleasure of chatting with at the Mole Creek pub. Here’s their story….

For a snapshot of this week in Tassie…


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