Australia’s Longest Shortcut – Complete!

Heading west after Australia’s Longest Shortcut leaves the red dust behind, to take you through the Wheatbelt on the way to Perth.

For the traveller, the Wheatbelt offers more than just it’s main economic contributor of cereal crops and mining.

Westonia is a must see stop. Like a real life movie set, the main street is lined with business shop fronts. But it’s all a facade… check out the video below.

Further inland of the central wheatbelt area, huge granite rock outcrops, like mini Ulurus, offer at some locations, complete with a vast lake, fantastic camping spots.

A final stopover, just a short distance from Perth is the Greenhills Inn. This grand old pub in the middle of nowhere, in a town that was, is a definite stopover with overnight van stays and inhouse guests welcome.

Australias Longest Shortcut… should you do it? We’re sure grateful we had the opportunity to do it… even if we did zig zag a little out of our way to do it. Would we do it again. Yes. For others, like a couple we met at the Greenhills, it’s their regular route to the east coast. If you have the chance, I reckon you’d be disappointed if you didn’t do it… 🙂

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