It was a Friday evening. Within an hour of sending an email, I had replies coming back faster than I had expected. I had heard a rumour that excess bed linen from mining camps here in outback Pilbara was about to be discarded. The list of charities in need of this linen was growing with every email coming back.

Long story short. With the generous support of the local mining and transport industry an initial consignment of linen is about to benefit a whole range of charities. They include youth services, charity that manages 300 houses which support Western Australian families in need, plus the club’s international dormitory projects in Lao and Thailand that give the likes of otherwise orphaned kids exploited in the sex trade, a home.

This generosity to assist those in need would have been lost if if wasn’t for the professional and enthusiastic support of volunteer members of the Mill Point Rotary Club in Perth. Within hours they had identified the need, then set about organising a warehouse, creating an inventory and distribution plan and then recruiting the volunteers to implement the plan.


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