UPDATE: Outback Bed Linen Goes Global

It was the early part of the gap year just back in August 2016 last year. I was still in Australia visiting family, at that time in Tom Price. It’s a small remote mining town in outback Western Australia. After a small garden clean up, the rubbish went to the local refuse centre where my son got a tip off.  A batch of surplus bed linen from a mining camp was possibly about to be dumped.

This led to a chain of events where since then a total of nearly 30,000 good quality bed linen items (126 pallets) with a replacement value of around US$200,000 have and are currently being dispatched to charities in Australia and around the world. These include organisations that support the homeless, drug addiction, refugees and orphaned children in South East Asia.

The latest consignment has just been transported across Australia from Perth to Melbourne courtesy LinFox, for despatch to hospitals in third world countries across the globe. It was because of the voluntary efforts of members of the Mill Point Rotary club in Perth that made all this happen. It’s one thing to be gap year tripping around from place to place. But it’s also satisfying and a privilege to have had the opportunity to be part of such a community project.

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Mill Point Rotary Club, Perth, Australia.
Rotary Donations In Kind, Melbourne, Australia.

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