Hidden Gems of Western Australia

I haven’t seen it yet. But I suspect there’s a large government truck, stacked full of stainless steel, doing the rounds of Western Australia. Rumor is, it often operates in conjunction with a helicopter….

The impact on their target locations are spectacular. I’m talking about what I think are some of the state’s best kept tourist secrets.

For example, The Gap and Nature’s Bridge near Albany. It used to be just a popular destination. Now it’s an awesome natural spectacle. Instead of clamoring over rocks, often at the peril of freak waves, the new massive stainless steel structure has transformed the site. Perched high above the unpredictable sea pounding the rocks below, you now get to enjoy this within the safety of the huge impressive overhanging platform.

Or further north in the Porongurups. Have you heard of this place? Well, just between you and me, neither had I. Maybe that’s because it used to be just an outcrop of huge granite boulders. But thanks to the government truck of stainless steel and the helicopter, that’s all changed now.

It’s now more than just a delightful 2km forest walk up to the rocks. The result is now a massive world class stainless steel skywalk. Its bolted onto the side of one of these massive granite boulders that protrudes high above the forest trees. The views it provides across the plains are spectacular.

That’s just a couple amazing gems you’ll discover south of the state. Story goes, in the last twelve months the government truck full of stainless steel has also been up at Kalbari doing its magic up there. Can’t wait to see it.

Getting you high off the ground to experience the natural beauty around you is nothing new for Western Australia. In Pemberton, steel pegs will take you 53 metres up one of the giant Karri trees. Or further south near Walpole, the suspended skywalk takes you through the treetops on the The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.

Many travelers however prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground. Instead they like to spend most of their time looking up into the trees. These people are caller bird watches.

Taking a walk with such people can at times be challenging, almost doubling your normal walking time. Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, is what I thought.

So, I decided to team up with two passionate bird watches to find out why they find this experience so fascinating.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into bird watching, join me as I learn how to be a bird watcher… it’s not what I expected!!


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  • Hi Chris, you must still be exploring our beautiful State. The parks & WA government has done an amazing job. Many parks of WA are more accessible with bitumen instead of gravel. We can access these previously hidden gems even without 4 x4 vehicles. Your descriptions of Gap & Nutural Bridge in Albany brings back fresh memories of such spectacular & beautiful landscapes. I even climbed Porongurups & enjoyed the exhilaration thanks to the steel handholds & safety steel walkways. The climb was a feat for me as shorter arms & legs meant more challenge. Had a little help after a swig at Duke’s Vineyard before the climb!

    Enjoy your road trips & thanks for sharing more hidden gems.


    • I agree Christine, I think Parks & WA Government have done an amazing job. But is it just me, or are they well kept secrets??

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