Funding Your Senior Gap Year

I wrote in the Top Ten Travel Tips Report how people think an around the world trip, for the length of a senior gap year, would cost a fortune. The reality is, it can cost less than living in Australia. Your home can contribute considerably to your travel costs. If you rent, one option is give up the lease. If you own your home, rent it out.

Travel the world on a pension!

Another popular option is to house swap with people around the world through one of the many house swap sites. Another is to house sit. Great if you love pets. Not so good an option otherwise. One other option is like a seventy year old lady I recently met, who not only travels solo around the world, but does it on her pension. She uses (another is to live for free. That means you can travel the world for minimal cost. Plus you’d be obtaining a valuable cultural experience at the same time.

Obviously the more funds you have, the greater the range of travel experiences. Having an income source not only helps with extra funds, but also offer a valuable sense of fulfilment. A number of people teach English. There’s huge demand to learn English. You don’t have to be an English teacher nor have a teaching background. Take a look at

Location has no boundaries.

There are many other ways to earn an income while travelling. For example, if you are a software programmer. Location has no boundaries. If you have a small business where you need to keep in contact with customers or call prospects, the mostly excellent internet access, makes this as practical if you were sitting in your office at home. I recall one major contract I once secured with the head office of one of the major banks. It was done using a mobile phone internet connection around a swimming pool in Bali!

A Complimentary income.

I was talking to Nicole who said she was looking to expand her team. Nicole’s an Enjo representative. It prompted me to suggest this as another excellent option where you could earn an income while travelling or living overseas. It’s not a get rich scheme. But I understand it can provide a good complimentary income. One you could establish at home and support while you are away by email or by phone, as mentioned above. If you’re interested contact Nicole at who can provide more details. If you have other *genuine* funding opportunities, please email me so we can look at sharing these in the future.

The world of travel awaits you!

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  • Herbert Raschbacher

    Dear Chris,

    Thanks al lot for your book and gratulations to the result of your efforts. I am still a little bit sad about my missmanagment of my email-spam filter, so we coult not meet in Perth. Would have been fun. Anyway, have a good time and I still read your reports.

    Best wishes and stay healthy.
    Herbert, Tulln, Austria

    • Thanks for your message Herbert. Yes those email filters have a bit to answer for! A ride around the Swan River though wouldn’t have been quite the same as our ride around Lake Constance. I look forward to catching up sometime in the near future. Cheers Chris

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