Seeking Adventure: A Journey through South Australia’s Outback Tracks

There’s something thrilling about chasing adventure in the great Australian outback. The call of the wild beckoned us as we set off on a quest to explore South Australia’s renowned outback tracks – The Strzelecki Track, Oodnadatta Track, and Birdsville Track.

Expecting dusty, rough tracks that would test the best driving skills, we were in for a surprise. The outback tracks, though mainly unsealed, resembled well-traveled highways in parts, with many sealed sections. It’s as if the outback is shedding its old skin, embracing modernity while still preserving its timeless charm.

Reminiscing about the old days when these very routes were treacherous tracks, it soon became clear that progress had transformed them more into highways.

Blame it on the air-conditioned comfort of our modern vehicles or the changing face of the outback; the essence of the seventies outback roadie, with the reward of a refreshing beer to wash away the day’s dust, feels like a distant memory. Today, we drive with windows up, shielded from the harsh elements, as the bitumen slowly conquers more of the outback’s soul.

However, despite the advancing bitumen, the spirit of adventure still thrives. Unpredictable floodways arising from unseasonal rains can quickly change a journey, forcing you to seek alternative routes miles away from your original path. The allure of the unknown and the thrill of overcoming challenges will remind you the outback is far from tamed.

As we journeyed deeper into this captivating landscape, you can’t help encounter the outback’s secrets – the majestic gorges, the rejuvenating artesian springs bubbling from the parched earth. The magical nights where the Milky Way dances above your campfire while you enjoy a yarn with the many interesting travellers you meet along the way. The outback, in all its contrasting glory, continues to leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Sure, the roads may be smoother, and the landscape might be evolving, but the heart of the outback beats with the same untamed rhythm. It’s a place where memories are woven with each passing kilometer, and where the vastness of the land can’t help but remind you of your meagre place in the universe.

The outback remains not just a destination but a journey that connects with your very being, leaving you forever captivated by its awesomeness.

So, I invite you to join us on the above video to gain a glimpse of our journey as we pursue the famous tracks of South Australia’s outback. Exploring this remarkable land while cherishing its timeless allure.

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If visiting Australia, or just experiencing the outback has always been on your wish list, Let me now and let us share our knowledge and tips to help you plan to create your own unforgettable experience. The Australian outback awaits you!


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