I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas… Not

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…. Well, not really. The positive side of this pandemic is we have been confined to stay put within our borders. In reality you can hardly say it’s been an imposition. Western Australia is bigger than many several countries combined.

The benefit has been, not only have we been fortunate to enjoy a covid free lifestyle, but instead we’ve had to explore what we have in our own backyard.

I’m glad of that, because, wow, there’s certainly been some real gems of experiences we’ve discovered. My favorite has been camping off grid on the beach at Ningaloo Station. With its long stretches of beautiful pristine beaches. Throwing in a line off the beach to catch a fish. Then to have it for dinner after it was baked in the sand with coals from the campfire. Now, that’s living.

Or camping on the edge of Lake Ballard exploring the sculptures spread across the dry salt pan. Hiking along the coast line of the beautiful Fitzgerald National Park. Simple pleasures in life like sitting around a campfire at night or taking an outdoor shower under the stars.

I’ve been chatting online to a friend Steve I met in Chicago last year. He’s planning his next travel… after he gets the vaccine! He summed it up perfectly when he said how travel helps him hit the reset button, to be more alive and full of vitality versus the routine of home.

Without doubt, international travel is exhilarating. But the fascinating thing is we really don’t need to travel far to find what amazing things we have right in our own backyard. And that’s exactly what we discovered down here in Mandurah, just an hour south of Perth. Another WA well kept world class secret! We noticed people in the distance getting off small tour boats. But it was only after a Facebook post by friends Shane and Kris was it revealed. Despite no signage anywhere around town, there’s obviously enough inside information to keep this spectacular tour fully booked. We just slipped in on a waiting list.

So, you really dont need to dream of a white Christmas. A boat tour on the warm canal waters of Mandurah is just one of many options we would all have in or around our home towns.

But if you are over this way, make sure you book a Mandurah Christmas Lights tour or get a few people together and hire a boat. It really is world class.

With the state borders now open, we look forward to you joining us as we continue Our Senior Aussie Gap Year adventures in the new year.

In the mean time, best wishes for a happy Christmas and a very healthy, happy and adventurous new year….

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  • Hi Chris,

    Happy Christmas to you. May the new 2021 bring us better days ahead. Like you wrote so well, our State is bigger than a few European countries combined & we have so many hidden gems tucked away in our home backyard!! I did hear about the Christmas lights on the canal & certainly will try to fit in a visit.

    City of Perth has done a spectacular Christmas Lights trail. We’ve only covered half the trail between James Street in Northbridge to Murray St Mall. The other half from Hay St to Esplanade, I’m sure will be equally as splendid!. And that’s literally in our backyard!

    Wishing you & family a Happy Christmas & better New Year Chris .


  • Thank you for sharing the Perth city lights experience Christine. Christmas greetings to you and your family.

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