Have You Ever Seen Whale Poo? Neither Had I. Until Now!

They are truly amazing creatures. To be skimming through the water with about thirty of these wonderful marine animals playfully speeding along right beside you is a special moment. In front of the boat, darting underneath, across and around. It’s hard to tell who’s enjoying it more.

Then to witness all those other majestic creatures of the deep pounding up and down in and out of the ocean. I had joined one of the dolphin and whale surveys in San Juan del Sur. The program is an initiative of young marine biologist, Joelle De Weerdt. It’s run purely by volunteers with funds raised by Joelle to cover costs.

I must have seen at least fifty whales. That was until Joelle politely pointed out it was the same pod of four whales. It’s just that they reappeared at different locations. It’s an aquired skill to identify individual whales I soon learnt!

Come and meet Joelle and her crew and see some of these amazing marine animals. Oh, so you’ve never seen whale poo? Well I’ve great news. Here’s an exclusive opportunity….

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2 comments On Have You Ever Seen Whale Poo? Neither Had I. Until Now!

  • I do not know Chris were ever you go you wind up in the shit, I mean Whale poo!!
    The range and variety of the people you are meeting on this Gap Year is just fantastic. It will be hard picking some of the more interesting and most memorable places when you get back.
    Keep up the good reporting, I’am making a small fortune selling the stories online!!
    Cheers Les

  • Are you keeping some whale poo as a souvenir ? It would certainly be a talking point, not everybody has whale poo, lol

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