Living The Dream – One Woman Who Gave It All Away

Most of us aspire to “living the dream”… the big house, fancy car, designer clothes, the corporate jet set lifestyle (as it once was).  But one woman decided the dream she was living was not what it was cracked up to be. So, instead she gave it all away, sold the house and moved…. literally.

She now lives in an RV motorhome and travels her country from one state to another. A day here, a week there or even a month or two.

I met Jenni Edwards in the US last year. She agreed to share her inspiring story via a recent zoom call. She tells how her friends told her she was crazy. But now after 6 years she is helping other people, particularly woman, how to break debt cycle and live a much more simpler, more satisfying and certainly a more adventurous life.

Here’s Jenni’s story….

PS… There’s been a lot going on in the US that has been dominating our daily news over the last year. So, it was refreshing chatting with Jenni and seeing some of her travels to remind us there’s much more to life in the USA than just politics and a pandemic!


Here’s the audio of original Interview:

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