My Senior Gap Year book now available in Chinese!

Exciting News…. The My Senior Gap Year book is now available in Chinese!

Taiwan publisher, Sunflower Media has just recently completed a Chinese version of the My Senior Gap Year book. Unfortunately, the official release will be deferred until the current pandemic passes.
In the mean time, both hard copies and a digital version are available for purchase online:

In addition to the book whetting your appetite for travel while we wait for the current pandemic limitations to pass, here’s a few ways you can turn your social isolation into an opportunity.

  1.  Be smart and get ready to travel. Use this time to learn from the experience of other world travelers how to be a Global Independent Traveler. To learn more Click Here.
  2. If you’re not quite ready to start thinking about travel, here’s a project you’ve probably always wanted to do but it just wasn’t a priority when there were more exciting things to do like travel. So, with no option to travel, it’s a project I’m excited to finally get into. I thought you may also be interested so I’ve put together a guide to share exactly the way I am doing it. Click here for more information…
  3. Not wanting to be bored, here’s another project I’m working on I thought you may also be interested in.  I wrote a small book for my father and wife after they passed away. It’s not that they were a public celebrity or famous, but I wanted their grandchildren and future generations to know how special they were and what life lessons they had to offer. These small books make a wonderful gift for children and grandchildren. What story do you, or maybe your parents have that could be shared with your family? I’ll be offering ways to help you get started on what I think is a really valuable gift to leave our future generations. To find out more Click Here.



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