The Land Of The Giants …to the village of tiny people

It’s called the land of the giants. Giant Karri trees. Unique to this part of the world, tucked away in the southern part of Western Australia about five hours drive from the state’s capital, Perth. It was 44 years ago when I was last here. From those dated pictures, it was fascinating to compare the view from the top of these majestic lookout trees, 52 metres up, from then to now. The lookouts, constructed in the 1930s and 1940s were a way of spotting fires in the tall Karri forest.

South west of Western Australia is undoubtedly a unique part of Australia. But more than just the land of giants, the region offers magnificent beaches, and some great kayaking river experiences.

From the land of the giants to the village of tiny people. Such is the contrast that no visit would be complete with out a stopover at Gnomesville. Its a must visit destination, not much more than a couple hours south of Perth. It would have to be one of WA’s best kept secrets. No signs will take you there. But when you discover it, you’ll be sure to be impressed by this quirky and novel village. It’s here where I had a chance to interview some of the normally very reclusive natured residents….!

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  • Rosemary Sigmund

    Great post, Chris!

    I disappointed myself years ago, when I found myself unable to climb the Gloucester tree, despite my kids having previously been up!

    Enjoy your travels

    • Certainly a good view when you reach the top but no question its a safer feeling keeping two feet on the ground!

  • Very interesting Chris! So good that you were able to make some new friends and learn a bit about Gnome culture. Just feel it necessary to point out, however, that some of the individuals in your video are actually dwarves, posing as gnomes. I only mention this observation because I have had a few unpleasant run-ins with dwarves. They are fine when things are going there way, but can turn very quickly into nasty vicious little creatures. They like jewelry, gold in particular. And have no problem removing rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. while you are napping.

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