There’s been a lot happening on the world stage of late. What with the likes of the Brits and their friends across the Atlantic wanting to go back to the good old days. Building walls and shutting their doors to the rest of the world.

Shame really. We’re going to miss them. So counter trend. The world has become amazingly small. Technology and communications has brought us unbelievably close. Just the ability to video chat across the globe like we’re next door, in itself makes the world so much smaller.

But while the rest of ’em are shutting their doors, I say to the PM, Mal let’s join the EU. They’ve really got a great setup here. Each nationality can freely move across each country. No visa hassles. Sure it could cost us a bit to help prop up some of our new EU partners. But let’s face it, we all originate from this lot over here anyway. The Brits (they’ll probably change their mind after having realised it was just a bad dream), Irish, Greeks, Italians, Germans, the Poles, etc etc. When you think about it, Oz is really just a big European outpost. We’re already now a part of Eurovision. So why not officially become one big happy family again. We could spend more time with all our long lost rellys. But the big benefit is when you take your gap year. You wont have to worry about being thrown out after 90 days.

And you’d be able to enjoy more of these Spanish parties. Like the one Valencia just turned on last weekend. It was the Mercat Central (Central Market) 100 year birthday bash. The market reminds me a lot of South Australia’s Adelaide’s Central market. But could you imagine what must have been a good hundred thousand people jamming the streets to celebrate that. And this would have to be the only place I know where they let off fireworks during the day. Just for the noise. The louder the better. And why not. Life’s too short not to miss any opportunity to get together for another party.

With celebrations having settled down, I thought it would be an opportune time to take you on a tour of the market. And while you’re wandering around, for those of you who do the weekly shop, check out the prices. How do prices compare with your part of the world? (As a rough guide, for Oz$/ Can$ add 50% to the Euro amount, US$ add 10%).

While you’re doing that, I’ll tell you how I ended these celebrations. I attended a Spanish cooking class. To find out how all this wonderful produce comes together to the dinner plate. Along with our guest cook, I joined a roomful of Spanish locals. I can report the food looked absolutely great. It smelt just divine. And it tasted fantastic. But I got no idea what she said. Like, how to actually make it? Aaaah si. No problemo. Just a bit of this and a bit of that! Not much different to the recipe details you’d get from Grandma anyway.

4 comments On OZ JOINS EU

  • Hi Chris,
    I would like to nominate you to be our ambassador the the EU, your experience and language skills make you an ideal candidate
    (there would be lots of perks)

  • Was there any part of the market you didn’t photo!! The produce looks fantastic and by my reckoning (not a shopper at the best of times) the prices are c heaper than Aust.
    Looks like you are still enjoying life to the max and having a great time. I hope you are entertaining some of those lovely Spanish ladies with your wild witt and charm.
    Keep safe.

    Cheers Les and Ang

  • Yeh but they’re not laughing at my jokes??

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