From Adventure to Daintree Tranquilty

Wow what a difference a week makes.
Just last week there was dust, mud, sand, barren wastelands, river crossings. A sense of being on a real adventure.

How awesome is nature.

Now to this week. Immersed and surrounded by dense tropical rain forests with its vivid fresh green colours. Opening up to picture perfect beaches sprawling along the forest edge as far as the eye can see. A feeling of tranquility. Such is the experience of the Daintree, the oldest rain forest in the world.

And tucked in amongst the forest, are what Queensland seems to be best at. An endless range of trails that lead you deeper into the forest. Where what may feel tranquil and dormant, is so full of life from the sounds of birds to the tiny bug scurrying across the forest floor.

I was reminded of my visit to the Amazon Rain Forest where the local native community see a forest as a real spiritual living being.

On a sadder note however, while the Daintree may well be a living being, full of life, unfortunately its water ways and lakes persistently refused to share its fish.

However, out of desperation, thanks to a nearby Barramundi fish farm, we did finally enjoy success! Mind you the cost of our pan fried barra never tasted so good!

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