Costa Rica: The Switzerland of Central America

I’m not sure if it’s the higher cost, the mountains or the beauty. But Costa Rica, as they say the Switzerland of Central America, is certainly that, a country renowned for its beautiful natural features. And the friendliness of the Cost Rican people is evident as soon as you cross the border.

My quest to add a few more words to my Spanish vocabulary took me to Turrialba, a mountain village in the middle of Costa Rica. It’s there where I met a Spanish School with a difference. They were two weeks into their four week travelling program when I first met the group. Its seemed like a lot of fun, so I joined them for the last two weeks. It certainly was a lot of fun…..

…and as an added challenge, I stayed with this lovely non English speaking home stay family in Turrialba.
PLEASE NOTE: This video contains a WARNING…

To top the week off, an enthralling two day 30km white water rafting trip through the middle of the jungle, camping overnight in the thick of the jungle.

Rafting photos courtesy Lisa and Beat

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  • Haha dad that looks amazing!!! Makes you reflect on your own life! Time to pack the fam up and go walk about!!

  • Looks fantastic Chris! What a year you are having!
    Where to next?

  • Sounds fantastic Chris, keep up the newsy emails. We leave Aus in 6 days for San Diego.
    Cheers Scott

  • Super! I love Turrialba- so pretty huh? & great shade grown coffee! Looks like u are having a blast.

  • Woooohooooo you’re having so much fun…..
    Living the dream!

  • Wow Chris, you are visiting some amazing places. You are so brave to be trying so many new adventures, in different parts of the world.
    But you are a amazing person and people warm to you very easy. Love your self videos too!! Thanks for sharing your adventures !! Cheers and stay safe .

  • Another top report Chris
    You always seem to attract some great fun loving young groups. Good to see you are using some of your superior paddling skills whilst you are away.
    Given the interesting and exciting time you are having this gap year may turn into several more. Love the videos and updates keep safe.

    Cheers Les and Ang

  • Thanks for all your comments. Travis did ask me, “Dad what are you doing after your gap year?” I said, “probably take another one!” But will see?? Now let’s see, when does the next bus leave to….

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