Greetings from Cuba

One week later….
When I said no internet, you can get it. Its just a matter of finding it. It’s like playing a game of treasure hunt…. Cuban style. The way you play the game is to look for urban wifi clues. These are the wifi hotspots sparsely located around the city. The way to identify them is to look for a collection of small idle groups of people. With mobile phone in hand. They’ll be squatting under a tree, on a park bench or standing peering towards a pole. In some countries you’d assume this stance to represent some type of God worship. But here, on closer inspection you can see it’s the closest you can get to the wifi antenna mounted up the pole. The signal’s stronger. That’s the first part of the challenge. The next part is you need to find the hawkers. They sell the wifi login cards. Three cuc’s ($3) for an hour. Most times these guys will spot you before you find them. The dilemma is when you finally find a wifi hotspot, but no hawker to buy a ticket. But that’s all part of the fun of playing Cuban internet treasure hunt.

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