What Do Astronauts And Hollywood Have In Common With Camping?

Feeling lots of gratitude… 🙂

But firstly. Ever notice there’s one human need that Hollywood consistently avoids. Even astronauts when describing their daily rituals, certainly never go there.

But now the unspeakable of all topics has come to camping. With the growing popularity of the great outdoors, it’s an issue no longer being ignored.

It’s a shame really. There’s a certain natural liberating feeling, heading off into the bush with a shovel in one hand and a roll of dunny paper in the other.

But alas, this free and most natural ritual is about to come to an end. Many national parks around Australia are now enforcing the use of portable chemical toilets. No loo, no entry.

Yes, unfortunately one of the last of “just being natural”, has been taken away from the great outdoors lifestyle.

However if we are going to share our natural environs with others, do we really need to collectively create a war zone of biological land mines to threaten each other’s camping enjoyment?

My partner had a dream last night. The Ningaloo Reef coastline region has now been declared a national park, similar to further up the peninsula. A bitumised road replaces the slow torturous caravan destroying three hour road trek to get here. The campsites are clearly zoned and set well away from the beach. And of course public toilets. If I was to take that dream further, another fifty to a hundred years, it would be developed, not unlike the Gold Coast on the eastern side of the country.

And that’s why I’m feeling grateful. To be living in a period while there are still such beautiful and natural opportunities to be enjoyed. Such as our week camping here in this extraordinary beautiful part of northern Western Australia. Experiencing relatively untouched natural coastal land.

Relishing an endless stretch of white sandy beaches that entice you into its brilliantly colored turquoise water. Snorkeling as if in your own private aquarium.

Watching dolphins playfully swim by just metres away. Further around the bay, turtles curiously bobbing their heads above the water. Catching a fish to be later baked over coals buried in the sand.

Sitting nestled between the sand dunes, with campsite behind and the crystal clear ocean water lapping in front. As we sit, enjoying happy hour with a glass of wine as the sun slowly journeys down. Watching in awe, mammoth whales breaching in the far distance, pounding up and down on the now vivid sunset painted orange horizon.

Then as dusk fills the sky, a table for two on the beach becomes the perfect setting to enjoy that delicious baked fresh fish, caught just hours earlier.

By now nightfall has well and truly set in. Gazing across the soft glow of the moonlit star filled sky, can be seen the southern cross. A symbolic reminder of the great southern land we are so fortunate to live in.

As the flickering flames of the campfire slowly give way to glowing embers, the gentle sound of waves break the stillness of the night, drawing the day to another close…. even if it is only eight o’clock!

How grateful it feels to be enjoying another awe inspiring day of nature’s true wonders…. 🙂


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