The Columbian Drug Connection

A boat trip from Columbia to Panama was one of the highlights of My Senior Gap Year backpacking adventure around the world. But I didn’t realise the last night of this border crossing boat trip would change my view forever on one of the world’s biggest social issues.

Along with the other 21 young people, I was clearly the old man of the group. The last night of the four day crossing was “party night”, on an idyllic tropical island. However there was no shortage of the local popular drug of choice. And no shortage of partakers. Except for one. I was not only the old man of the group, but now also the odd man out.

But it was chatting with this group of overall decent young people that changed my view on drugs. It may have been a party night, but normally back home in their respective countries, these young people, along with the rest of society are already making choices.  If they choose not to, they don’t take drugs. If they choose to, it’s readily accessible. It’s as simple as that. Just as we make our respective choices with alcohol.

Drug prohibition has failed. According to an American attorney, Colleen Cowles, it’s worse than that. The war on drugs is in fact a war on us. Colleen makes the case your freedom, your health care, your money, your safety, and your children are put at risk by the War on Drugs – even if you’ve never touched an illegal drug.

I had the pleasure to chat with Colleen Cowles, the author of War on Us about why the war on drugs is a war on all of us…

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