Travelling With Tribes In Tasmania

We’re really a tribal lot. Whether it’s a footy team, a walking group or a photography club, we like hanging out with people with similar interests. That’s what took us to a “mini” Active Campers Campout in Targa. Not only do you get to meet and make friends with likeminded people, but it’s the value of sharing ideas.

For starters the Myrtle Park campgrounds for the campout was stunningly beautiful. Mountains in the distance provided the perfect backdrop, while a river set amongst trees with giant oaks could be discovered running its way round the huge sprawling lush green park.

…rare sighting of the elusive platypus.

And…. with some patience and careful spotting we were soon rewarded with a rare sighting of the elusive platypus. The magnificence of some of the age old oak trees brought me back to my own childhood. If you are ever travelling through the small south east South Australian country town of Coonalpyn, check out my oak tree. (It’s in the rear of the block next to the old bank). It would be about 55 years old now, having planted it from a seedling taken from a scout camp in the Adelaide Hills. Nice to leave a lasting positive mark sometimes!

…there weren’t too many from younger generations.

The call of the tribe this week went further. This time with a couple thousand other old fa…. well, put it this way, there weren’t too many from younger generations. It was the annual Mole Creek Day at the Creek music festival. But it was the Blue Brothers, complete with their own Bluesmobile cop car, that made this gig worth the trouble of travelling half way back across Tassie for the day.

One other tribe we love being part of when travelling is PetrolSpy.  The app gives you a map of the latest fuel prices allowing you to find the closest cheapest outlet. It’s constantly updated by other users. We’ve saved up to 20c/litre thanks to this app by sourcing fuel stations we wouldn’t have otherwise seen. I like this tribe.

Being part of a tribe is not only fun, but it really is great value.

But one of the best tribes we belong to is Wikicamps. Same concept where other “tribe” members rate and review campsites and other facilities right down to dump points, drinking water, and phone reception. In fact, I couldn’t imagine our camping experience would be anywhere as rich an experience without this tribe…. Thank you so much to all you fellow wikicampers!

Being part of a tribe is not only fun, but it really is great value.

Here’s a brief video wrap up of this week in lovely Tassie!


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