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We were staring down a steep drop off the side of this mountain. It was then I suddenly appreciated that perhaps Spain could actually be one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Some claim it to be the most mountainous after Switzerland. We were two thirds into our hike. Regardless of which claim is right, right now we had a choice. We turn back. Or, we tackle this challenge that lay immediately below us.  But as in most cases, as this proved, the fear was greater than the actual challenge.

It was my third hike in Spain. We could see the distant location of our first trek a few weeks back. No doubt inspired by Hollywood. Emblazoned on the side of this distant mountain we previously climbed, was “Cullera”. I was always amazed no one had ever heard of this place when I told them where we went. It’s a very popular beach side holiday destination. It’s not that it didn’t exist. It’s just no one had ever heard of the way I pronounced it! That simple little place name reflects so much of what is “fascinating” about Spanish. Pronounced “Cull-ee-rah”. Wrong. Try “Koo-yeh-daaah” with a soft “d”.

That was three weeks ago. On that basis, I’m currently tracking about three weeks behind before people can understand where I’ve been! Cullera means spoon. I don’t know about a spoon, but that blobbed shaped rock sort of reminds me of Uluru. Not many people here know the name Uluru. I noticed in the local science museum, they still refer to it as Ayers Rock. I have a suggestion. I understand name changes can take a while to get through. So why not do the same as the folk at Cullera did with their rock. On the side of our rock, we paint the words “Uluru”. There’d be no question about the name then. Plus you’d see it for miles.

I like walking. But I never realised thirty years ago, just five words could have such a life long impact. We used to do lots of walks as a family. In reflection, maybe my parental judgement skills were questionable about our young children’s physical ability at the time. Turns out my encouraging words, “just around the next corner” has left a lifelong scarred distaste for walking by them.

Shame really. Because they could possibly miss out some day meeting the likes of these crazy but fun bunch of Brits and other nationalities, as I did again last night. They call themselves Hash House Harriers. They’re all over the world. But here they describe themselves as a drinking club who also happen to like running! Most un-Spanish. But then again, going for an 8km run after a couple beers is another challenge I never thought of. And not to mention the ritual round of drinks after!

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  • You are certainly getting around Chris. Some of the photos make me feel I’m walking beside you – they capture the essence of the place! I hope you compile all your narrated rambles (as in walking) into a book when you get back. It would be a perfect coffee table book for those of us who can’t experience what you have and a constant reminder that there is a big wide world out there – just waiting to be seen!
    Happy rambling…..

    • It’s nice to know thank you Veronica the photos are helping to have you along with the journey.

  • Sorry to say, but I’ve been severely inconvenienced by one of your scarred offspring whom after 5 minutes refused to walk around a theme park (well into “her” 20’s at the time) and would sit down in the middle of the walk way and refuse to get up! I’m fairly sure I missed out on some really great rides that day because of you.

    • Yes the “just the round the corner” has well & truly scarred me for life…
      My poor children will never experience the many wonders of the walking world unless they go with their grandfather however he’s trekking around on his gap year which by the sounds of it is so much fun I’m beginning to wonder if it will become a “gap life”

      • I’d love to take your children for a walk. But I promise this time we’ll have a break at least every 10km!

    • What can I say Little Sister, but sorry 🙁

  • Hi Chris, I love the way you have superimposed yourself into those great mountain photos!
    I also love the trekking experience and encourage those damaged by early age experiences to seek help to overcome those childhood fears.
    Also noticed the group has a decent number of the fairer sex which seems to be the trend worldwide for adventure activities – Amazon women!

    • Good idea the photoshopping. I reckon I could stretch some of these mountains a few more thousand metres higher! Move over Switzerland.

  • Some great photos Chris looks like you are keeping good company. The coastal area reminds me a lot like the south of France but then that is not far from you anyway.
    Given all that sunshine you better keep that very important hat on to protect you from the rays and any low flying birds seeing how high up you are!!!
    Travelling suits you keep safe and enjoy.

    Ang and Les

    • Sure can’t complain about the extended warm weather here Les and Ang. But as yet haven’t found any sailing cat hires for our HHM Esppy Cup World series here though?

  • Good to see your promoting Western Australia Dragon boats

  • Haven’t found any dragon boats here though Suzy.

  • Hi Chris
    Loving catching up on all your posts. Still pondering the soft “d ” in Callera??
    In way back from Rotto and remembering your stay with us. Photo of u and boys is still on Griffs profile on FB. Your gap year adventure has elevated u to legend status.
    You’ve definitely inspired Garry and me to to more adventurous destinations.
    Much love
    Tracy Garry Linc griff and Lucy

    • Thanks Tracy. Was really nice to share that time with your whole family. Definitely recommend Valencia.

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