As a Traveler, is there a positive side to our self isolation?

Can’t Travel? There is a positive side to Self Isolation….

Who would have expected this. As the pandemic races across the world, never before have we experienced such a crisis like this on a global scale. Who would have thought just days or weeks ago, as we learn of the growing casualties, that even for those of us yet unaffected, the extraordinary impact on lives as we knew it. Such as our freedom of travel would suddenly halt to a stop. But no matter what corner of the globe we are all in this together.

The world will no doubt be a different place when this crisis ends. But the hunger for travel will return as it always has since time began. The sights of far away destinations, the excitement of unfamiliar languages, and different cultures, will all be beckoning us. And the destinations who rely on you, the traveller, will need you more than ever.

Travel really is an essential human experience. It is the ultimate education. It has the power to open minds, alter our perspectives, challenge our ignorance, prejudice and racism.

The opportunity will return. But right now, in the midst of this global pandemic challenge, we all have an immediate need. A need to help each by doing our responsible part in limiting the spread of this virus. And importantly, supporting each other in our families and communities to get through this period. In particular to support those who have a greater need than us,

But while we may feel frustrated our normal activities have been severely limited through social distancing and isolation, there is a positive side… Opportunities. I was once bed ridden for a whole week, disabled by a severe back strain. It’s the last thing I needed at the time. But I used the time to do some reading and research. That week changed our family life for years after. As a result of being holed up in bed, from what I learnt in that week, every year after that we enjoyed a fabulous annual family vacation…. Airfares and accommodation for our family of five, fully paid for each year. I look back on that week as one of the best opportunities I was given. It was not the inconvenience I first saw it as.

Social isolation is nothing new. Way back in 1665, Isaac Newton had to work from home during the Bubonic plague. The University of Cambridge had temporarily closed its door for their form of “social distancing” It was the most productive period of his life where he developed his theories on calculus and optics. And right outside his window was that famous tree. It’s the tree Newton sat under and was bonked on the head by an apple which led to his famous theories of gravity and motion.

We may not be an Isaac Newton or even bedridden. But right now, we all have a choice. We can bemoan the current limitations expected of us. Such as the disruption to our travel plans. Or we can also look for positives. If you are feeling restricted, why not use this time to prepare for when this pandemic passes. As history proves it will.

So, in the mean time, if you’re frustrated your wanderlust and travel plans has had to be temporarily shelved, then why not turn this time to your benefit. Since returning from my gap year adventure travelling around the world, I have been exploring ways as to how to help other people enjoy the exciting benefits of being a global independent traveller. Over the last several months I have been putting together all my experience as well as tips and advice from other experienced world travellers. I also learnt a lot from these travellers.

If you hunger for travel has had to be temporarily shelved as well and you want to turn the current down time into an opportunity, here is an opportunity where I can share some all this knowledge I learnt.

In particular, if you are seeking to being a more adventurous traveller, this information will be particularly helpful. It’s aimed to help you be the independent global traveller you may have dreamed about…. To give you the confidence to live your travel dreams.

The first presentation, which is totally free to access, is one I am constantly asked about. It’s based on my experience when I travelled the world for a year. People said to me before I left on my around the world adventure, “wow, that must be costing you a fortune”. In fact, the exact opposite was the case. You’ll find out how this is possible, Why it’s cheaper to travel the world than to stay at home”

Here’s another presentation… one that nearly stopped me from embarking on my twelve month travel adventure. It’s about fear. If you find fear has been holding you back, stopping you from where your heart has been trying to pull you, you will find this information very useful. Fears of the current pandemic may also be causing you stress. Discover how you can turn this challenging time into a positive outcome.

Another presentation discusses the dangers of travel. Sure, travel is dangerous. But the point is, so is home. This module looks at ways to travel safely.

Plus, for women travellers who want to feel more empowered as an independent global traveller, there are some great tips and advice from women global travellers.

To access this FREE information…. CLICK HERE

So, no matter how challenging the current crisis may feel to you, above all keep well, look after others closet to you and where you can in your community. Then use this time as an opportunity. The crisis will pass. And by seizing this opportunity you’ll be ready to take advantage of it when it does pass.

To your future travel aspirations,
Best wishes, Chris



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