Travelling in style for a fraction of the cost. And how you can too.

I was visiting my 85 year old Mother.  It was 1 pm on a Sunday afternoon when I was jokingly pondering a fun and adventurous idea. Driving an RV motorhome from Darwin in the top end of Australia, to Perth in southern Western Australia.

Much to my surprise, her ears pricked up at the thought. By 2.30pm we were out the door on the way to the airport to catch a flight to Darwin. The next day we had picked up our RV Motorhome and were on our way for a week’s adventure  across Australia.

She did admit later when she got to Darwin, she thought “what have I done”.  But her concerns soon passed as she started to relive some of the many travel experiences around Australia she enjoyed with Dad in years past.


The Little Know Secret to Renting an RV for as Little as $1 per Day…

I have enjoyed several such really enjoyable getaway roadies in Australia. Though the one with Mum was a first!  Our current Canadian Roadie in an RV Campervan has now been another exciting and adventurous experience.

But what’s not commonly known, is you can also rent an RV motorhome from as little as one dollar a day. That’s because rental companies often need to relocate vehicles to their different locations. And there’s no shortage of rental vehicles which means relocations are a regular requirement

So, if you have the flexibility and like the idea of a some spontaneity in your life, and can give up looking after the grand kids at short notice, there are no end of exciting opportunities. How does a long weekend getaway sound? Or maybe a longer trip like our Canadian Roadie. Choose your destination, whether that be Australia,  Canada, USA, New Zealand or Europe. Plus as an added bonus, there are times when not only can you hire a vehicle from as little as one dollar day, but sometimes the rental company will pay for all the fuel!

Finding and booking a vehicle is so easy. Thanks to the people at an organisation called Imoova. I’ve told them I’ll be reporting back on our latest trip and also sharing the experience with you. Check them out by clicking here: Their website vehicle listing and booking service is so easy to use. And if you speak to them, don’t forget to say Hi from My Senior Gap Year!

Happy Travelling….


PS – If you book a relocation, please let me know. I’d love to hear and share your experience.

PS2 – The other thing I love about our RV campervan, apart from all the living mod cons, is I can use it as a comfortable “home office” on wheels to update my writing…. While we’ve been on the road, I’ve been putting the finishing touches to my new book, The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel. (It’s a new titled version of My Senior Gap Year).

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