It’s a Big Country

IMG_20160726_175939It’s a big country. Up here you can travel all day, watch the sun rise, watch it set and you still haven’t arrived at your destination. It’s no wonder overnight pop up villages are scattered all along the endless highways of the outback. Populated from the thousands of caravanning Grey Nomads, it’s a phenomena that’s almost reached plague proportions. During the day long impassable chains of endless white objects crawl along the highways. The only respite for other travellers or truckies is between 4pm and sun rise. This is when the Nomads move into these temporary villages. Competition is fierce but outwardly cordial as these fifty foot or so rigs are jostled and manoeuvred to secure prime positions in the village. Location, location, location is just as relevant here. Too late and you miss out on the prime real estate lots of flat elevations and generous shade. Or worse still risk missing the 5pm happy hour ritual.

But as I next roll out my swag, I’ll be thinking of my fellow Boomers as they enjoy their nice soft bed and all the luxurious comforts of their home on wheels.

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