Rather be traveling but feel stuck in self isolation?
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Learn How To Travel The World As A Global Independent Traveler

Do you dream of travelling the world more adventurously, discovering new cultures or enjoying a more authentic travel experience? Discover the secrets of how to travel the world as a Global Independent Traveler, where you wish and on your terms.

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Chris Herrmann

About the Author

We were living the family dream. Our three children were now establishing their own families. Grandchildren were arriving one after another. But life suddenly had other plans. Stepping outside the comfort zone was easier said than done.  Especially leaving the familiar comfort of home to embark on a twelve month backpacking adventure around the world.

…A brilliant detailed descriptive account of his travels. The historical events are beautifully told, about the people, places, events & occurrences…

...makes you want to get out of your comfort zone and see the world...

...Following your journey was exciting. To read the book was inspiring. A great example of getting on with life no matter what life throws at you...

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