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Chris Herrmann's career has covered both corporate management and the founder of a small business technology start up. Innovation has always been at the forefront of his activities.

His business has been recognised for several Australian Government Small Business, Entrepreneurial and Innovation Awards. His client list has included some of Australia’s top ASX companies including the big four banks, plus Australia’s largest airlines.

He has served as an adviser to Saudi Arabia's Telecommunications management as well as management roles in the telecommunications industry. He has presented at a Chinese University in Kunming on commercialising technology. Chris has served as a member of a State Government Business Development Council advising the Minister for Small Business.

He has been an active participant in community projects including part of the management team of a popular long running annual Sculptures event and an open water swim event. Both events raising funds for Surf Lifesaving. Through Rotary International he has been a member of the organising team for an annual major annual fund raising event.

Nearing the age when most start thinking about retiring, Chris took a different direction. With no desire to retire, he took a  Gap Year. A Senior Gap Year. Intentionally, he set off to do the exact opposite to his professional past. No structure. No goals. To be free and just explore. Equipped with a new title, a Senior Gap Year Specialist, his next vision is to encourage more people of his age to do similar!  To find out more, click here.

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