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We were living the family dream. Our three children were now establishing their own families. Grandchildren were arriving one after another. But life suddenly had other plans. Stepping outside the comfort zone was easier said than done. Especially leaving the familiar comfort of home to embark on a twelve month backpacking adventure around the world.

This trip was about doing something completely different. Breaking away from normal routines. As such no planning. No goals, no deadlines. Just work out each day of the next twelve months as I went. To push myself out of my comfort zone. From not knowing a word of Spanish to the many humorous attempts to communicate with the people encountered. Finding my way through the all up, twenty three countries. Experiencing every form of transport from a horse and cart to a five-star coach.

Sleeping in over one hundred and twenty abodes, from the floor of a Buddhist temple to a tent in the middle of a jungle. How experiences with the people I met, with issues like drugs, waste, terrorism have changed my views. I left with no purpose, other than to step out the door, travel and explore. But then how a discovery in the middle of a desert created an opportunity that has since benefited charities worldwide around quarter million dollars. And that was just the beginning of the journey.

I returned from my journey with one question. Our young generation are out there criss-crossing the globe in their thousands. Confident and adventurous travellers engaging first hand with other cultures. Why is our generation missing out on all the fun? My mission is to change this. To help give more people our age the confidence to enjoy similar levels of adventurous travel.

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