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​Chris Herrmann was living the family dream. A family person married with three children and seven grandchildren. With a corporate management background now managing a small eCommerce business, enjoying time with family, travelling and being involved in community projects.

But life had other plans when his wife of forty years suddenly passed away as a result of cancer. The first realisation was it wasn't something that only happens to other people. The next was, while accepting his wife's journey had come to an end, his was still continuing. Coming to terms with this, he felt the need to step outside the comfort zone. To challenge himself, to see where the next stage of his life journey would take him. He decided to embark on a twelve month backpacking adventure around the world.

It was easier said than done. Facing fears of the unknown and especially leaving family and the familiar comforts of home. He wanted this trip to be about doing something completely different. Breaking away from normal routines. As such no planning. No goals, no deadlines. Just work out each day of the next twelve months as he went.

It was a journey that took him through 23 countries, sleeping in 123 different places, visiting amazing destinations and meeting a diverse range of interesting people along the way. Being confronted with issues like drugs, waste, terrorism that have changed his views. How he left with no purpose, other than to travel and explore. But then how a discovery in the middle of a desert created an opportunity that has since benefited charities around the world.

He returned from his journey with one question. Our young generation are travelling the globe in their thousands. Confident and adventurous experience seeking travellers engaging first hand with other cultures. Why is our generation missing out on all the fun? His mission is to change this. To inspire more people, particularly his age, to have the confidence to enjoy adventurous and culturally immersive travel experiences.


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