Speaker, Chris Herrmann

Speaker, Chris Herrmann...   
A story described as "inspiring", "uplifting" and "entertaining"

Join me as we relive the My Senior Gap Year journey. To share the fascinating world we live in. The liberating feeling of escaping from the normal routines of life.

From living in the heart of an ancient city in Spain to the liberating feeling of backpacking from one country to another. They said it was dangerous. But we go anyway. Through Central America, South America and up through South East Asia. All up, 23 countries, 122 places of abode.

Leaving behind the normal routines of life. With just one around the world ticket with only three stop offs. Four months apart. Filling in the rest as we go. Just taking each day as they come.

Enjoying the sense of being free to just go as we please. To discover and learn about new and exciting places. Interesting people. Fascinating cultures. Facing issues that confront and challenge us. But more so, sharing the many humorous instances that happen along the way.

And how an opportunity discovered in the middle of a desert kick starts a project that benefits charities worth around a quarter million dollars. And that's just the start of the journey.

But there's one question we find that lingers.

We come across our young generation out there in their thousands. Confident. Inspiring. Criss-crossing the globe. Connecting with people from all different cultures.

But we ask, where is our generation? Why are we letting our young generation have all the fun?  What's stopping us?

Our journey is not just about travel. It's first about facing our fears. The one that keep feeding us with safe reasons not to step out of our comfort zone.  Reasons that want to keep us feeling safe and secure. What, for 12 months?  Going on your own?  Nah, you're too old.  What if you got ill, had a heart attack. No one would have a clue where you are. And on they go.

But we face those fears. And we challenge ourselves along the way. If it feels uncomfortable, we do it. Not to take risks. But to discover, had we not, we would have missed out on an amazing and exciting world that has been waiting for us to join it. 

I would look forward to sharing the story with you. 

But more so, to hopefully inspire you to enjoy a world that is waiting to be experienced.

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Chris Herrmann, Keynote Speaker, Rotary International District 9800 Conference, Warrnambool, Victoria. Australia.  What people had to say....

Peter Frueh, District Governor, Rotary International District 9800, Victoria, Australia

Charles Bender, delegate at Rotary International District 9800 Conference.

Grant Hocking, delegate at Rotary International District 9800 Conference.

"... a highly recommended public speaker who will inspire and entertain... His delightful presentation, full of thought provoking and humorous observations and comments is an inspiring and highly recommended experience...." Rick Sneeuwjagt President Rotary Club of Mill Point 

"...Thanks sincerely for your presentation... I found the presentation very uplifting and I’m also a firm believer in taking opportunities as they arise, especially if it takes you out of your comfort zone. Your energetic delivery style is ideally suited as Rotary guest speaker, and we all found your “donations in kind” project fascinating. Thanks again Chris, and I hope we see more of you..." - Rob Webster, President Rotary Club of Willetton

"...Thank you for presenting to us, it was an interesting presentation and I know the club enjoyed hearing from you. It was certainly an interesting and inspiring presentation, and I believe it has tickled the travel bug in some of our members..." - Matt Bruyninckx, President Booragoon Rotary Club 

"...A thoroughly entertaining presentation and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other clubs and organisations..." - Alan Ramsay, Program Convenor, Rotary Club of Como

"...Just to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation... Everyone enjoyed your presentation, your foresight in rescuing all that bedding was amazing. You put your thoughts into action which was greatly admired..." - Linda Morrell. Rotary Club of Cooroy

"...Thanks for your wonderful presentation last night. Very inspirational..."  Gordon Downing, Rotary Club of Nambour.

"...Your entertaining and thought-provoking presentation at our U3A Sunshine Coast Lecture was much appreciated by the audience. All of the feedback was positive, and as mentioned to you, there's always something to take away from sessions. For me and two of the audience who travel your information about the international app was particularly useful. The way in which you handled the mine waste management was greatly admired. I hope you will continue to assist us with further sessions to our other groups..."  - Lyn Lovell, U3A Sunshine Coast Lecture Program Coordinator

"...One of the best talks we've had at the club - and I'm looking forward to reading your book..." - Kirsty Stark, Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise

"...Chris, thank you for your presentation last night. I spent a lot of time thinking about what you did in your gap year. It took a lot of courage and fortitude. I congratulate you on doing what a lot of us could never do, so well done. Your presentation was excellent and you had all of the members completely rapt. Keep up the great work of letting us know what can be if we make the right decisions..." - Ian Pittaway, President Rotary Club of Attadale

"...You spoke in a very entertaining way about your intrepid travels. I know that all present were intrigued by what you accomplished... Combining this with co-ordinating such a tremendous project was absolutely outstanding. I would thoroughly recommend you as a Speaker..." - Jeremy Foster, Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

"..I was contemplating & had actually brushed off the thought of travelling on round the world ticket for 3 mths as fear/ uncertainty/excitement all overwhelmed me. Your inspiring talk has rekindled my interest. Thank you for sharing & inspiring..." - Christine T

"...Chris was extremely interesting. A Fascinating story of courage and adventure. What was most valuable were the really valuable tips for travel, his acceptance of life experience in difficult times, getting out of the comfort zone and overcoming fear..." - Marita Gardener
Community Services Officer, City of Nedlands

"...We hosted Chris at our library and his talk was very well attended with audience members buzzing on the way out. Chris’s story is inspiring and is certainly one to hear. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to find out more about being brave and living in the moment..." - Lorraine Horsley, AH Bracks Library, Melville.

"...Chris Herrmann is a most interesting and entertaining speaker. His presentation is most professional, witty, educational and illustrated with beautiful photos. I can highly recommend Chris as an exceptional speaker. He has also written a most interesting and entertaining book about his adventures during his Senior Gap Year..." - Jenny Higgins, Rossmoyne Ladies Probus Club

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