A New Cultural Travel Experience

Are you looking for a different travel experience? Where your travel itinerary is not packed shuffling from place to place, one hotel to another. Where you don’t feel exhausted in need of a holiday after your vacation.

Rather…. How would you enjoy taking the time to enjoy the cultural experience of living in one of Europe's best keep secret destinations. Where you experience living as the locals do, but not as a tourist. Your accommodation is either a comfortable apartment, homestay or private room. Not just a hotel room. You have the flexibility to choose whether to eat in or eat out. How much independence you want is your choice. Best of all you can live there cheaper than what it typically costs for most to live at home.

Once you are there, social networks can connect you with both locals, fellow live-in travellers or expatriate locals. Lasting new friendships can be formed.

Discovering new skills and knowledge is exciting and stimulates our youthful spirit. Perhaps that may be the fun and challenge of learning new dance steps. Or advancing your culinary skills through cooking courses.

Or why not challenge yourself to gain the satisfaction of advancing your foreign language skills. Or simply learn the basics by joining an adult for kindy language school. It's not only the fun of learning, but the satisfaction of being able to communicate with the locals, even in just a basic way.

Plus, it’s a widely known fact that just attempting to learn a new language helps our memories as we age. And the laughs as you role play with your new friends practicing the basic greetings. Testing your new found skills together when you go to order a drink or a meal. Whether you choose a schedule that keeps you engaged several times per week or a just few hours each day, it's your choice. But most off all it’s the new friendships you can make as you have fun learning while, importantly, being mentally stimulated.

Meanwhile choose from a whole choice of physical activities to have you feeling physically invigorated. Fitness classes, walking groups, swimming, group day hikes, or bike riding groups.

Immerse yourself in the local culture through walking tours and learn about local architecture, the history of its people and places. Feel your senses stimulated as you explore the local markets. Discover popular neighbouring regions or learn about the different wine varieties on a winery tour. Explore the local cuisine over lunch, or dinner while socialising with friends or social groups.

Research suggests, as a child develops from new experiences, so too do we as we age. Learning new experiences stimulates and youthfully invigorates the brain, despite our age. It's what makes a cultural travel experience such a rewarding, memorable and revitalizing experience.

Hi, My name is Chris Herrmann

I recently took a gap year, in my case my senior gap year! I travelled the world. People ask, what was the highlight of the trip? Without doubt one of the highlights was my stay in this ancient two thousand year old city in Europe. I didn’t travel around. There was so much culturally stimulating and social activities going happening. I went there not knowing a soul. But by the end of my three month stay, I had this great little social group.

I had nothing booked, but I found this delightful and comfortable apartment right in the middle of this ancient city. And what a buzz. Looking down my apartment balcony, the streets were filled with people wining and dining, serenading in the streets. Loved it. Mainly because it was so different. Learning the language (at least giving it a go) was stimulating and enjoyable.

I very much winged it. Worked it out as I went. But here's how you too can now enjoy the same great cultural travel experience – without flying by the seat of your pants. That’s because I'm putting together this special Cultural Travel package for people seeking the benefits of independent travel.

I came back from my senior gap year with one question. There's thousands of our young generation, inspiring confident travellers, experiencing first hand many different cultures around the world. But my question is, where's our generation? Sure we didn’t have the same opportunity we had then, but we have now? Why should the younger generation have all the fun. We are seriously missing out. Up until now….

The Cultural Travel Experience Package - for Independent Travellers.

The package has you in mind. For people who want to gain a more cultural travel experience. Included in this package you will explore….

  • Choosing a destination experience – quality over quantity.
  • How to travel safely, in particular for solo female travellers
  • How to travel the world in comfort for no more than what it costs you to live at home.
  • How to get free Travel insurance.
  • How to travel solo without waiting for a travel partner… and not be lonely.
  • Your questions answered about cash and credit cards.
  • Your fears of stepping outside your comfort zone. Its normal. Expect them. How to overcome them.
  • What to pack. It's less than you think.
  • Volunteering – a chance to give back, without being ripped off.
  • How to stay connected to family and friends back home..

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