Who Says Gap Year's Are For The Young?

Find out what The Senior Gap Year Specialist! has to say about that! 

You've heard of a gap year, right?. Our young generation crisscrossing the globe. In their thousands.

"Why should they have all the fun?" That's what our special guest questioned before he took off on his senior gap year.

He's now put his adventurous and the often humorous accounts of his backpacking experiences in is new book, My Senior Gap Year.

Join us at one of the following events to find out just what was he thinking. What was it that prompted this corporate person to take off backpacking around the world for a year.

Find out if gap years should remain for the young.  Or are we really missing out?


​Sunshine Coast Book Launch: Thu 8 February, 2018 (Maroochydore, Qld) 

Brisbane Book Launch:   Wed 7 March, 2018 (Brisbane, Qld)

Gold Coast Book Launch:  Thu 8 March, 2018 (Gold Coast, Qld)

Melbourne Book Launch:  Thu 15 March, 2018 (Melbourne, Vic)

Melbourne Rotary Conference:  Sun 18 March, 2018 (Melbourne, Vic)

Perth Official Book Launch: Tue 20 March, 2018 (Perth, WA)

Adelaide Book Presentation: Sun 3 June, 2018 (Brighton, SA)